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How to Help Children with Small Motor Skill Delays Brush Their Teeth Alone

Posted on 5/25/2018 by Front Office
Brushing Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry CA 94566-6138Children that need extra help when it comes to small motor skill delays can always learn how to brush their teeth and do other skills alone.

This is because they may take a bit longer to get the hang of it, but once they do, they can do the same tasks that others are able to do.

Here are some tips to help you teach children with small motor skill delays the ability to brush their teeth independently.

Tips for Helping Children With Small Motor Delays Brush Their Teeth

Do not make them hold the toothbrush in a way that you feel is comfortable. Allow them to hold the toothbrush anyway that makes them feel comfortable.

This will allow them to feel the toothbrush as they brush along their teeth. You want to show them the motion that you use to brush and then have them mimic it. This can take a bit of time to get used to but once it does happen, it will clean off the many areas of the teeth.

Of course, as with any child, it is important that you go over their teeth for them. Even after they have already brushed so that you can get any areas that they might have missed when they were brushing their own teeth.

Sometimes it can be hard to get in many of the harder to reach areas, which is why having someone go over those areas is essential.

Take your time and practice patience when it comes to helping a child with small motor skill delays to brush their teeth. With time, they will get the brushing down and be able to get those hard to reach areas with time. Not only that, but this can help them build on these skills, as well, giving them better skills for the future ahead.
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