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Making the First Dental Visit Fun

Posted on 7/10/2018 by Front Office
Making the First Dental Visit FunFar too many people are terrified of the dentist. This is, unfortunately, a condition that plagues children and adults alike.

However, you can take definite steps to change this, beginning with your child's first dental visit. If your child begins to view our office as a fun place to visit, that change in outlook will carry with him or her as he or she grows into the teen years and beyond.

Come Visit the Dental Office Beforehand

A great way to take the edge off the first visit is to come see us a few days before the scheduled visit. There will be no pressure on your child; he or she won't even have to get into the chair (unless he or she wants to!).

Just bring your child in, show him or her around the office, and let us meet him or her. We will be delighted to take a few minutes and sit down to talk with you. Your child will see that we are just normal, likeable people, and there is nothing to fear from a visit to our office.

Make a Trip Out of It
You could plan your day around the first visit. Take your child out for a celebratory dinner afterward. Even take a few selfies with him or her as you are in the office waiting for his or her turn. By emphasizing how fun and normal it is to go to the dentist, you help your child to deal with any lingering fear or hidden reluctance.

Some parents tell their kids that they will go out for ice cream afterward. Others play a game out of going to the dentist's office, making the visit just another part of the game. Whatever the path you choose, the important part is to make sure that your child has fun.

We can't wait to see you!
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