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Toys to Never Give Your Child in Order to Keep Their Gums and Teeth

Posted on 8/30/2018 by Front Office
Toys to Never Give Your Child in Order to Keep Their Gums and TeethChildren put almost anything in their mouths. Whether it is at our dental offices or at home, it is important to remember that toys are sometimes dangerous to the teeth and gums.

There are some toys that parents need to be aware of to protect the teeth and gums of their child. The best way to figure out what toys are safe and what toys will do harm is to think about the ways a child can damage their teeth. Part of that depends on the age and development of the child and part of it depends on the toys.

Toys that Break Teeth

Even though a child will eventually lose their baby teeth, it is still dangerous when they put toys in the mouth that can break their teeth. This can include hard objects such as marbles and solid balls like those used in a game of pool.

It can also include toy blocks or other solid toys that children will try to teeth on. Instead of choosing the old style wooden blocks or other solid toys, consider looking for softer more flexible toys for the child.

Toys Bad for the Gums

The danger for the gums can come in many forms, but a cut or blistering of the gums can happen when playing with some toys. Toys with sharp sides or points can quickly damage the gums and it is best to avoid them. Electrical toys that can generate heat when left on can quickly burn the gums if placed in the mouth.

It is also important to make sure that the toys do not include paint with lead or other harmful chemicals. Any toy that has batteries in it should never get near the mouth, especially when the batteries are exposed.

Kids are going to play with toys. They are also going to put things in their mouth. To protect the child, a parent needs to look at all the toys and think about if they could cause damage to the teeth and gums. For more information about the toys that children should not play with or for what to do when a child hurts their teeth and gums with a toy do not hesitate to contact our office.

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