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What to Do If Your Child Cracks a Tooth

Posted on 9/13/2018 by Front Office
What to Do If Your Child Cracks a ToothChildren are very active, so it is not uncommon for a child to damage tooth due to injury or activity. When a child cracks a tooth, parents need to know how to act so they can make the right moves to save the tooth. Read on to find out what steps to take if your child cracks a tooth to provide proper care.

Seek Medical Attention in an Emergency

If your child cracks a tooth due to an injury, they should be seen by a physician in an emergency situation. Any trauma to the head, face or neck should be evaluated by a doctor as soon as possible. If you have a true emergency, never hesitate to call 911 for immediate assistance. If bruising or swelling is seen in the head, neck or face areas, this could be a sign of an internal injury and a serious condition.

Consult a Dentist

If the only injury to your child is a cracked tooth, then you will need to schedule a dental appointment. The damaged tooth will need to be reviewed by a professional. A damaged tooth can expose the nerve endings within the mouth of your child, which are sensitive and can cause discomfort or pain. Any tooth fragment or portion of the tooth can be wrapped in a paper towel until the visit in the hopes of repair.

In the in-between time, give your child pain medication that is suitable for their age group before the dental appointment. This can assist with any pain due to the injury. When it comes to cracked teeth, there are options for treatment. When your child damages a tooth, be it baby teeth or permanent, we can help. Give us a call as soon as possible to have the situation evaluated and a solution provided.
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