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Tricks to Help Children with Developmental Delays Learn to Brush Their Teeth

Posted on 12/15/2018 by Front Office
Tricks to Help Children with Developmental Delays Learn to Brush Their TeethTrips to the dentist, flossing and regular brushing can be challenging for a child who has a disability, autism or developmental delay.

Whether your child faces challenges maintaining good oral hygiene due to having malformed teeth or sensitivity to touch, if your child has special needs, we'd like to give you some tips to help. The following are ways that you can help keep your child's mouth healthy at home.

Making Oral Care At Home Easier

Start Early – We always recommend that you bring your child in for his/her first dental visit between the ages of 6 months to one year old. This is especially important with special needs kids. Good habits start early, and if it's positive from the beginning, it won't be scary or unknown.

Make It Fun – The more fun oral hygiene is, the easier it will be for you to help your child make it a habit. Use a toothbrush with a larger handle for an easier hold. Try one that plays music or has lights, make it as much of a light-hearted game as your child will allow. Is your child in a bad mood? Try waiting awhile until he/she is more cooperative. The more fun you're having, the easier the chore.

Be A Good Example – Make teeth brushing time a together activity, or a family activity. Everyone brushes their teeth together. Aside from a little positive peer pressure, children learn best by example.

Preparing for the Dentist

Now that you've mastered at home care, don't forget to prepare for when you come see us. When you make your appointment, let us know that your child has special needs. Our staff is experienced in working with special needs kids and we'll happily take the time to explain what is going on with your child.

We will happily mail you all of your paperwork ahead of time to minimize your wait as well. Our staff is compassionate and patient and we're looking forward to helping you find the least stressful way to keep your child healthy and happy.
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