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What Options Do You Have to Regenerate Bone for Implants?
Posted on 10/15/2018 by Front Office
Implants are a great option for people with missing teeth. They can look and feel like your natural teeth and give you the confidence to smile broadly again. Implants can also allow you to become more self-assured when chewing and speaking. Missing teeth that are not quickly replaced can cause the jaw area under that tooth to shrink due to lack of stimulation from chewing and biting. Dentures are usually not the best option, for this purpose, but are a cheaper option that more patients can afford. Bone Grafting This is the most common step in periodontal surgical procedures and is used to increase the volume of ridge to support a dental implant. It is also used to repair defects in ridges and to restore tooth strength. Bone grafting can also serve to stimulate the growth of new bone and as the bone grows, it replaces the bone graft. To perform bone grafting, our periodontist can use your own bone, bone from a tissue bank or synthetic materials. In some cases, it is preferable to use the tissue bank as a source, to avoid additional surgery to the mouth. This is an excellent way to regenerate bone that has shrunk and become too thin to support a dental implant. The regeneration process can take a few months. Then you will be ready for the implant. Benefits of Bone Grafting Bone grafting involves the cleaning and eliminating of bacteria present under the gum line. This can help reduce the depth of the pockets between your teeth and gums caused by periodontal disease. Our periodontist can also recommend using proteins that stimulate the regeneration of bone and dental tissue. When you come in for your consultation, we will go over all the details if this is the treatment recommended for you....

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